Look For A Mentor - 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It Right Now

"Nobody is perfect." 

Just take a minute for yourself here and think about the most influential people in your life. People like your parents, friends, teachers come to mind, they all affect your life and probably taught you a thing or two. You naturally aspire to be like them, you count on their advice and you would follow them to the end of the world (a bit romantic, I know). 

You may not realise that their impact on your life makes all the difference. They helped you reach your goals, they motivated you, they might even inspire you on a daily basis. I agree that early in life it is easy to find a mentor, since there is not much room to look for one, they just happen to be there. 

Later in life, when you are on your own, you might lose contact or it will be harder for you to stay in contact. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking for mentors anymore. It doesn't matter, what age or position you are in, mentors are important throughout your life. A colleague, your boss or a business contact can be a mentor too, someone who watches you grow and helps you develop your talent. Without any further explanation, let me tell you 5 reasons why I believe you should be looking for a mentor right now, if you are in need:

1) Nobody is perfect

Seriously, I cannot stress that enough. But beware, nobody wants you to be perfect, what I want to say is this: A mentor can help you accept that. They can help you find your blindspots and help you deal with them. It's ok to have flaws, it always comes down to how you handle it - mentors will not only tell you that you can improve, they will help you figure out how.

2) The Need For Self-Reflection

The mentors I had/have in my life know me and my history very well. Sometimes you have hard times in front of you or a hard decision, mentors can help you reflect and help you find the right way for you. Sometimes they might show you your biggest flaws just to make you think about yourself and reflect on who you are or what you want to become. This is priceless!

3) The Best Advice

Despite other people from your social graph, mentors can be relative "outsiders", apart from family and friends when you look at business contacts for example. They offer a fresh perspective on things that you might not see yourself or your family. They are not biased and can give you a rational view from the outside. They might not take the decision away from you, but they will tell you about their experience that might give you a new point of view. Try it.

4) Personal Development

Mentors are usually highly invested in your development, they want to help and see you grow as a person. Depending on how you want to develop your skills you might have different mentors that can show you ways of development and guide you through it. Sometimes we lack the confidence or just need a little push to do something new or exciting. Take the leap, a mentor will push you off the cliff (in a good way!). Make them proud.

5) The Worth Of Giving Back - Become a mentor yourself

While you look for a mentor, think back about your mentors and perhaps you may have one or two stories that you would like to share too? By stepping out of the light of beeing a mentee, become a mentor yourself and help others to become great. You will come to realise that being a mentor is even better than being mentored - be patient and learn from your own past on how to mentor people. Start small by helping family members or friends and step up your game in the work place. It will give you also a first view on how to be an effective leader, if that is where you want  to go. 

There are obviously a thousand more topics and tipps on mentorship, but maybe this is just the little push for you in the right direction?

Let me know what you think and tell me about your experiences with mentors in the comment section below, I'm eager to learn!

Thanks for reading!