Remember To Say "Thank You" This Holiday Season

We are approaching the end of another year full of events that were sometimes great and sometimes terrible for our global community. Looking back on a personal level, you might say that these global events have a huge effect on our daily lives as they influence our media, news and conversations during the year. Based on that I wanted to share this blog post with you.

As every year I'll get more and more nostalgic and tend to think back on the past year and about all the change that happened. If you haven't taken the time to say "thank you" in the last eleven/twelve months, it sure is time to do it now! 

Here's why the "Thank You!" is so important (in the work place)

First off I want you to think about the last time someone said "thank you" to you in a sincere and honest situation. Was it today, this week or last month even? Now think about how it felt to be appreicated, how it felt to earn someones gratitude. How did you react?

The point is, saying "thank you" is a very important tool in your life, especially in the work place. 

Gratitude creates a positive vibe - Wether you give or receive gratitude it is a positive feeling. It makes you stand out in a world where we all learn to say thank you as children but soon enough forget to mention it. Most (if not all) things in life are arbitrary BUT people always have a choice to influence all those random things. If they do it in a favorable way for you, say thanks.

It is a prestige factor - Especially for all those y-z generations out there, driven by passion, flexible hours and a low income tolerance - saying thank you to them (also publicly) builds self-esteem and hightens motivation. Not all bonuses have to be monetary, a simple thank you can do the trick as well, as long as it is sincere.

Pure motivation - People who say thank you give away free motivation - if someone thanks me for a job well done, I'm eager to help them again, with double the effort since I'm feeling valued and appreciated. I guess this has something to do with the corporate culture your in or the type of character you are, but generally, I do enjoy working for those people who appreciate me.

Loyalty - Those points mentioned above will ultimately result in loyalty - soemthing you usually can't buy. So this should be the killer-argument for implementing a thank you culture for your team and/or business.

Here's why the "Thank You!" is so important (in your private life)

Remeber all those times in the past year when you asked a favor of your friends, family or partner, can you count them all? Most of the time we take help for granted but you shouldn't do it everytime and leave them without any kind of appreciation. Christmas is the perfect time to say thanks to all the people who made your year by helping you move, supporting you emotionally, believing in you or by simply giving you the much needed push. Cooking dinner, giving presents and simply being with each other is the best opportunity to say thank you. 

When I look at the score board, I definitely need to say thank you a lot this year. What about you? Did you feel the appreciation this year, do you say thank you regularly? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! (<-- see what I did there?) Seriously, being able to write and publish for such a terrific audience and getting feedback is helping me tremendously, so sincerely, with all my heart...thank you for taking the time to read this blog post!