Back To The Future - A 30 Year Old Vision Of Today's Reality

One of the most influential pop-culture movie of the 80s is definitely "Back To The Future" by Robert Zemeckis, respectively the trilogy.

Today on the 21st of October we celebrate the exact date that Marty McFly entered on one of his many journey in time and possbily the most iconic one from Back To The Future Part II.

Let's just all take a look back in our life - I was born in 1988, so when I was a child in the early 90's the future in 20xx had something to do with flying cars - video telephony - and other "not from this world"-technology. 

What is amazing though, is that this movie trilogy made some pretty amazing guesses about the future that are more or less made a reality by 2015.

Here are just some examples that are truly amazing or even better than imagined 30 years ago:

The Hover Board

Hover borads are seriously happening

Although it might not fullfill the true functionality of the promised advances in the film by floating over water, but it looks none the less amazing and impressive. I'm sure we will see new technology taking advantage of this young technology, but we can say, we got hover boards. What a crazy world!

3D Movies

Almost all movies are made in 3D nowadays. 

Today's technology embraces 3D - from a stereoscopic experience without glasses on the Nintendo 3DS or the movie versions of popular films or even technologies like the Project Morpheus from Sony are all based on this vision. The video I've seen in this years press event from Microsoft on E3(video here: was pretty amazing and may actually beat the dreams we had in the 80's.

Video Chat

Video chatting might even be far more superior than imagined.

Today we phone people using our phones, tablets and television sets, so we got the future beat. It is still unbelievable if you think about it - in the palm of your hand you got the possbility to phone your contacts and video chat, share documents etc. pp. Just wow.

A Phone Within Your Glasses

Google glass anybody? Although it might be less useful and user-friendly than expected

Bonus: Will The Cubs Win The World Series?

What do you think, will the prediciton ring true? It was just impossible to guess something like that 30 years earlier, but maybe it might work out. So grab your almanach and let the future become history :-)

What is your favorite memory from the "Back To The Future"-series? Do you find even more predition that are coming true? Feel free to share it in the comment section below and feel free to leave a like.

Thanks for reading!