Do You Hear Me Monday? I Laugh At Your Face!

This one goes out to all of you, who don't like Mondays. Modays may be the worst invention in human history since the snooze button but nontheless one day has to take the blame for breaking the bread of a new week. But as always, your attitude towards it makes all the difference.

Just smile!

Take the headline for example, what I do on Monday mornings is exactly that, the alarm goes up, I jump out of bed and smile. Then again standing in front of the mirror brushing my teeth, I smile again. Not only is having a bad mood in the morning a self-fulfilling prophecy but taking it into the other direction works wonders. Smiling in the morning gives you happy thoughts, you maybe even laughing out of sarcasm about your situation but smiling makes the difference. Your mind will be in better shape, you will be less grumpy and people might even smile back at you once you leave your house. If you don't believe me, try it!

Make Monday morning all about routines!

Prepare breakfast, your clothes and everything else that makes sense beforehand on Sunday evening. You won't have to do a thing on Monday morning, you can just stand up, do your things and go to work without losing a thought about what to eat or how to dress, you've done that. This could help save your mood and also your time. You won't have to sprint around or forget anything, take your time and make use of your preparedness. It makes life so much easier (might improve other days of the week also).

Start the day with something fun!

Creating fun habbits about your least favorite day of the week might just do the trick. Are you loving Pinterest? Why not look for beautiful things on Monday morning, pin them and look at them during the day. Creating fun habbits or connecting fun routines to specific days of the week give you a gret feeling about the day itself and lets you look forward to it. Try it out, it will help!

You are not alone!

As you might know, there are people who dislike Mondays just like you. I'm certain you know them at work, your study group or even in your realtionshsip. Make use of that connection and have a chat about who had the worst morning - getting out all of that negative energy is a nice tool for coping with it. Just make sure that you laugh in the end and maybe meet up for lunch and have some more quality time - with whomever you think might cheer you up. 

What do you do on Monday mornings? Do you dwell in depression and anger about your misery or do you cheer up and look the devil in the eye? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.