Three Golden Rules For Modern Marketing In A Nutshell

What can I say, as Marketers we are expected to know it all! The latest trends, deliver top results and know how to spend the hard earned cash of the companies we are working for. Although we made a major step in data driven analysis and can at least say that a certain amount of people clicked an ad we still can't be sure about anything truly that might be sold to us as conversion rates or ad impressions... if you do know 100% percent of your ROI of any given Marketing activity I strongly advise you to go into consulting and become rich and famous.

Anyhow, over the last years and a booming industry of new media there are three major land posts that should be embraced. It might not also work for your company but also in private manners if you want to build a personal brand or business. The only real problem is, that it takes time and commitment and you can't fix it with money or fix it quickly.

So let's have a look at those three key drivers for Marketing:

1) Think Multi-Channel

This might be a no-brainer but really pulling off multi-channel is hard work. You have to figure out a smart way to share your content, your ads or your videos throughout the net with all the right key words, tags, hashtags etc. pp. People might use Hootsuite for that, but again, that might cost money that you don't have or don't want to spend.

Do you need a dedicated Youtube-Channel for your videos? Do you have a special hastag# for your product? What are your follower demographics and how would they enjoy your content the most? Are you doing podcasts via iTunes?....

Today there are so many possbilities for you that you need to filter and focus on those that truly work for you. And to know what truly works for you, you should have at least tried it for a prolonged period 6 months+ if you are completley new to that channel and you are looking for a fix.

Even if you are in B2B and don't think Social Media might help sales or your brand, think again and try it, but be patient.

2) Embrace Word-Of-Mouth

Ever heard of videos that went viral? Here are some of the best of 2015 according to The Telegraph 

The key point here is that due to Social Media and a broad internet community - if you produce something truly great, people will talk about, they will share it and recommend it to their friends.

What's important is the "Why?". Why should anybody share or interact with you or your content. As a marketer you think, my company is awesome, that is the reason, but that is of no particular value to your followers / costumers.

WHO would share it and WHY

In B2C it seems easy, give people a product cheaper, introduce a new innovation, give them a sample - take Apple, people will celebrate whatever product they throw at their fans. They will spread the word and create the hype, not their agency.

In B2B it's different. Especially if you are an supplier. Worst case: Nobody knows you, except your customer, but your customer doesn't want to be officially associated with you (for wahtever reason, doesn't mean he/she is not a happy customer) and you are left with mostly your own employees as the base for communication. This can get tricky. Now tink about why would your employees share content about their employer, what would make them feel confident or even proud? Think about those things to create your content. Especially in B2B businesses your employees are your best brand amabssadors. Make sure to give them the chance to celebrate the company.

3) Consistency Is King

Let's be honest, on a day-to-day basis most companies and our own goals are fixated on the short term gain. Make profit quickly, get followers even quicker and become a brand that is internationally well known. The fact is that when we would have unlimited budget, every company could be as popular as Coca Cola. But that is simply impossible. So most of us have to get the job done with less or even close to nothing. So time becomes your most valuable partner. One of the best examples I can think of are Bloggers or Youtubers, because that is as rudimentary as it gets - but after time you can get it done, if you are consistent and trustworthy.

Let's take a closer look at the most followed Youtuber to date - Pewdiepie. Please look here for some more references:

He started his channel in 2010 and after two years of uploading videos on a daily basis whilst living off day jobs such as selling Hot Dogs, he gained his first Million followers.  Three years later (today) he is close to 40 Million subscribers and a yearly income of about 7 Million Dollar. 

As you can see, small companies can learn from that. You need to find a passion, a niche that you can fill and keep going on for years until you finally see results. Once you breach a certain status it will get easier, but even today here are daily uploads on his channel and the variety is immense. In addition, although being Swedish, his channel and videos are in English, so the aim was global from the start. 

So, even if you have zero budget, you might win in the long run for being consistent. Keep coming up with content, get in touch with the people that care about your business, brand or followers and deliver amazing content. What exactly "amazing content" means is unfortunately dependend on you and your company. There is no right way.

To sum up:

  • When you think of Marketing, think of all the channels you could use and how your content might be differently targeted.
  • Make your content worth sharing for your followers and you won't need a campaign.
  • Be consistent, people love when they can count on something.

What do you think, do you agree with those three points or would you like to see some others points up there? 

As always, I would love to hear from your own experiences!

Thanks for reading.