Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Regularly!

I was always more intersted in the future than in the past. Although history lessons can give us some valuable advice on how things worked out, but all those events are fixed in time and will probably never happen again, at least that's not likely.

With that in mind, what would you say is your personal pitch as a human, an employee or a friend? Does you list only contain things from the past or do you value your aspirations in the future as well or even more?

When we look at evolution and genereal advances in technology or science, it always has something to do with getting out of the comfort zone. People stopped accepting the status quo and were leaving everything behind to find something new. Learning to walk on two legs, failing 10.000 times before inventing the first functional lightbulb or creating businesses like Google or Facebook. 

The beauty about is, that it's not always just society changes, but it's yourself. When I think about my career, my private life I don't think about a list that I need to cross off, I think about all the possibilities that lie ahead. Most of them involve getting out of my comfort zone. But that is what drives me.

A lot of my posts are about building up new routines, get out into the world, being present and speak publicly, and that is the essence for you to take away from it.

  • Know your strenghts, but know your weaknesses better.

I'd say go all in with your strenghts but keep your weaknesses in mind and try to cope with them. You'll probably never fix them, but you can work on them and become more comfortable. This will help you develop or might even show you new possbilities to build up on strenghts.

  • Push your boundaries, say "yes" more often.

Saying "yes" to something new and exciting opens a flood gate of new experiences - things that would probably never would have happened to you. It doesn't matter if you agree on speaking on stage for a conference, saying yes to a new job or simply going left instead of right. Try something that you would normally not do (something positive of course) and watch how it might shape your future.

  • Cherish old realtionships, but don't hesitate to meet new people.

This is an advice that I need to work on currently. I have a very tight social circle with good and long friendships, making room for new aquaintances is hard and promises lower ROI in the short term - but who's to say you might not end up bringing people together, create new synergies and enrich your life and the lives of your friends by bringing in new people? 

  • Try out something new every once in a while.

"You snooze, you loose" a famous idiom and it has so much value in the real world. Society, technology and industries are constantly changing and new types of work and communication emerge. To keep up with all those developments, you'll need to work on yourself. One of todays main claim for companies is that they put effort in developing their staff - training for the job of tomorrow. Keep up with change and develop a "learning mentality" to everything. Trust me, you are never too old, too young (insert any other excuse)... you just have to get upo and do it.

To sum up:

The comfort zone is a very nice place, but it doesn't keep you in the game. Successful people stand never still. Join the revolution.

Do you agree with my points? Is the comfort zone useful at all? I'm grateful for your feedback.

Thanks for reading!