Cash In On Your Strenghs - Shaping Your Personal / Corporate Brand In 2016

The first three weeks of 2016 have kicked in and most people should have arrived back at the office - which is a tremendous thing because life is moving forward. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the time over Christmas and New Year's to be with family and friends but I cannot help but wonder about how very still the earth stands around this time a year.

But we are back and I'd like to start this blog post with some#MondayMotivation for you.

In 2016 we'll be seeing a lot of new relevant players in the digital industry that will become mainstream - most of them will evolve around live events, Meercat,PeriscopeSnapshat or Peach (very recently) are all focussing on an instant and live narrative. Be sure to check them out this week on your phone - if you'd like to connect, let me know.

With that being said and looking towards the ever evolving Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams and Pinterests of the world, this is the year to become omni-present with your brand - wether it's personal or corporate.

Everything is based on quality, that's why you have to play out your strengths!

To be frank here, with the internet everybody has a choice, a choice to look for, switch to or like anything everywhere. So people will stay with quality and leave everything else behind. But that doesn't mean that you have to have billions in cash on your hand, it means you have to be funny, creative and resourceful to make a dent in social media. 

Here is an experiment for you:

If you have an Instagram account, this will be even more useful (let me know your handle to follow you), but take your phone and take two pictures - 1 picture of something you love and one picture of something that is not that important to you. Watch yourself on how you will set the scene for each photo and which will take longer. I think you know what I want to show here, right?

Quality is subjective most of the time and the more you are involved into something, the more you care, the better the result. 

Shaping brands have never been easier, so 2016 is the perfect year to do it.

As I said, with all those new platforms and possibilities in your hands, you should really get out there and create. If you are a gardener and love plants - share the love on Instagram and Pinterest. If your business is concerned with restauration of old timers, perfect. If you'd like to comment on current events and want to network, great, get on Twitter and talk to people, they are listening and responding. Trust me, there is an ROI in the long run.

It doesn't matter what your strength is, every platform offers a different approach for you to tackle with your talent - make sure you are heard! We will possibly enter an era of job interviews, where you don't have any impact whatsoever on social, why would companies bother to hire you? Then again, you could argue, you are the best of your field and were focussing on your degree - well, great, but what says that about you? I won't go in this any further, that is a discussion for another post - I hope you had a nice time reading this and are feeling motivated to invest in your strenghts.

Thanks for reading!