Before The Flood - DiCaprio conveys a meaningful message

"Reality has a way of hitting you in the nose, if you don't pay attention..." It's a quote that Barack Obama says to DiCaprio in the clip above and it couldn't be more on point.

I'am not the greatest activist on earth but I would never deny that we as humans do a lot that harms our planet. I always think of Agent Smith's quote from The Matrix :"Human beings are a disease". And I'd say yes, we are a disease to this planet in the sense that we destroy it more than we help it to flourish. So the message of climate change is to really take it serious and even if we can't phatom the implications (might they be 50, 500 or 5000 years in the future) they will hit us in the nose.

Stepping into Al Gore's footprints

I find it uncanny that Al Gore and DiCaprio met almost twenty years ago and that this meeting had such an impact on the actor that made this documentary a reality almost 20 years and an Oscar later. Al Gore made the world stop spinning for a moment in 2006 with this film "An inconvenient truth" talking about the disastrous outcomes of global climate change. Ten years later DiCaprio takes the Baton and delivers his version of "an inconvenient truth".

Before the flood

A few weeks ago the documentary was available on almost every platfrom to watch for free. The film itself is worth your time, it beautifully directed with stunning images and great interviews (just as shown above) and gives you a objective take on climate change. It is obvious that Dicaprio wants us to care, but it's not him telling us over and over that it is the right thing to do. He traveled the world himself to talk to scientists and see the implactions for himself, for example the excessive Artic melting.

The film is well paced and is just a brilliant documentary that is a refreshing look on a serious topic. He admits from the start that he has no idea of the science behind climate change and let's the people he interviews do the talking. It's a genuine feeling of "I just want you to listen to those people and make up your mind, make a decision for yourself". Something that I did not feel ten years ago listening to Al Gore.

It's about the small things that make a big impact in the long run

As with all topics about such a scale that we cannot understand it quite easiliy, it is the simple things that could make a change if we pursue this collectively.

I said before, I'm not an activist but I have a feeling for my personal way of life and about waste and/or inefficiencies that I want to tackle everyday. Like eating little to no meat, turning on the heater only when I'm really cold, not leaving any electrical sources on without using them etc. pp. It just seems common sense but believe me, there are more than enough exceptions around you that could be tweaked.

You can find the documentary now on every streaming service for around 9,99$ (iTunes) and it's definitely worth it. It may be something for a nice Sunday evening with your family and as I mentioned before, you will not feel bad, you will feel smarter and inspired afterwards.

Thanks for reading and have a nice first Advent this weekend!