You Can Go New Ways With Your Voice On Anchor (App) - Opinion

Naturally new apps are interesting, especially when they go a new route we haven't seen or haven't used yet. 

What live events and Snapchat are doing to the classic television, Anchor might do to the Radio/Podcast industry, because the focus lies on building relationships and personal interaction with your voice. 

For decades we've been living in a world full of senders, where the consumer was the passive listener. Then Social Media came around and suddenly the consumer had a voice. When we look at the industry now, the consumer IS the sender. The classic approach almost vanished and companies (which are still more or less anonymous) are losing their voice in the process. 

The individual becomes more important by the minute and the consumers, well basically all of us, need outlets for it. 

Why is Anchor different?

Anchor uses your natural given gift, your voice, and let's you use it natively with your phone to make connections. You might consider it the new telephone or radio so to speak. You got 2 minutes time to record your voice - either giving a statement on your profile, ask questions or replying to others. Just like a tweet on Twitter, everybody can listen to you and interact with you. Where Snapchat focuses on 1-to-1 connections, Anchor gives you the Many-To-Many experience. The first real social dialogue on the internet where you actually use your voice. It's amazing how the app let's you hold your phone to your ear like you are calling someone.

Why should I care?

I mean, it's always the same question - why would I donwload an app when I have already so many? The answer is always the same - it's basically micro-scaled Business Development. Look it this way - smaller audience means more meaningful relationsships. A targeted audiecne might give you more ROI. So for example, as a musician I would value Anchor more than I would value Snapchat simply because Anchor is natively audio. Both can be extraordinary for you, but Snapchat offers more options considering photo/video possibilities and you might not be comfortable with that. 

Should I use Anchor?

It depends, as of now I'm not yet a power user, although I'm building first relationships and are monitoring what happens. As a musician/singer I'm comfortable with my voice but still, it feels almost too personal to communicate with people that way, at least it's not common to me/us, yet.

I recommend you try the app - if you're not using it, fine but at least you should have experienced the brilliant intro for creating your profile. The best I've ever experienced. 

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