Why I'm Excited For Playstation VR

Sony opened the floodgates to preorder their newest product called Playstation VR (former Project Morpheus). For anybody who is wondering, yes we are doing the first step into mass market VR technology. 

(Full disclosure: I'm not to be associated with Playstation, I'm just a consumer looking forward to what the future will hold).

For some additional information I put here a video describing some of the features:


Biggest Selling Point? Immersion!

Did you ever put on VR glasses before? The thing that really suprises you is how close everything is and how your brain somehow can and can't handle it. So in regards to games this is obviously a big selling point, just think about all those years we've spent on immersive ego-perspective games, be it a shooter or action rpg. Put on the VR machine, some nice headphones and you will find yourself in a completely different world. A whole new era of escapism is awaiting us.

But let's not just think about games, think movies, TV, email, calls etc. all those things can be made better with VR. The wonderful thing is, it will be made available to everyone with Playstation and a whole new generation of children will be inspired by this for the better or worse, we can't know... 

Think About The Possible Change In The Workplace

Generation Y/Z plays the major role here. Imagine the possibilities for a virtual workspace, where construction workers can access their machinery through VR. Imagine a surgeon sitting in his living room highly focused on a emergency operation around the globe via a VR robot. Virtual meetings will be the norm throughout industries. 

The military is using VR for training simulations for decades by now, why not use VR to train your workforce? Using VR in schools is also not just a dream now, learning biology by being your bloodflow for example. Doesn't that sound amazing?

The Future?

 It's hard to pinpoint where we are going with this. Innovations have commercially failed before such as Google Glass, but may be relevant in just a few years time again. The important thing though is that VR is still in its infancy although we've been using it quiet a while now. 

If you want to read more on the matter and if you are a fan of fiction like me, I strongly recommend Ready Player One by Earnest ClineSuch a beautiful, rich, nerdy and visionary book. It might get you really hyped for VR.

What is your opinion on VR? Are you interested in using it in the next 18 months or so? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!