How To Make Time?

It is amazing what persistence can achieve. Not only in business but in life. After working and studying in a dual-system for the past 5 years which had a lot to do with studying in the evening and on weekends, after it ended last year, I thought "What am I going to do with all the free time?". Looking back the past few months, the answer is: a lot!

I started blogging on LinkedIn, I built my own website, I recorded a few songs with two different bands, I started to integrate 10 minutes a day of learning French with the help of apps (namely Duolingo and Babbel) and most recently started to meditate for 10 - 15 minutes a day and brought most of my Social Media accounts up to speed and invested and learned more about photography while sharing pictures more frequently. This all while maintaining my 40+ hour work week. And I still got time to geek out over videogames and what not. Proof is always here: 

But the best part is, I don't even feel exhausted, I feel more excited than ever!

I realised that romanticizing my past is the wrong move. My best work lies ahead, always.

Not everything needs to be perfect, but by pushing yourself into doing stuff, you'll get the luxury of finally realising what your strenghts are and how you might achieve perfection, at least to a degree. Pareto's Law (20/80) was never more relevant in our modern world, where we are over-stimulated with information (just like this post). 

So how is that relevant to you?

Good question! If you are still here and reading this, I recommend you take one thing you've always wanted to do and integrate it in your daily life, just assign it 10 minutes a day. Just like a doctor might say, your body is not working in a certain fashion, so you'll just have to do this one exercise everyday to stay healthy. Since your health is the most important factor in your life (I guess?) you just do it. The same goes for routines: when I started meditation for 10 minutes a day, I took the time to do it. When I had arrangements or was not able to be on time, I just wrote that I'm sorry, I'll be 10 minutes late. Totally acceptable in a world where people break up their relationships via Whatsapp. 

How to "make" time?

 You'll probably have to work on that one, as I try to do this daily and it's not getting easier. Find ways to simplify and speed up your day. You'll be amazed how easy it can be. The classics would be cut out the snoozing in the morning or stop binge-watching in the evening. Use modern media to your advantage work on the golisten to podcasts or simply call when writing takes too long.

 There are infinite ways to improve your time management. The best way is always to combine activities. One trivial example would be to brush your teeth while showering and not to brush teeth and then shower. Or here is a very odd thing - read while showering.

  • I've helped funding this interesting project on Kickstarter about water-proof classic literature: So you can buy those books and have them in your shower and literally read while the water poors over you. Everyday I enjoy this just looking at how the water just drifts of the "paper". Not to say that "The Art of War" by Sun Zi is a timeless business classic and I have it in my shower. (Full disclosure: I'm not to be associated with the company, I saw it on Kickstarter, sent some funds and got a book. I'm just a happy customer).

The point is, everyday people invent new tools for you to gain time for yourself, be it Uber, Gmail or your iPhone. 

The final thought I want to leave you with is: Stop looking back at what you've done or what you wanted to do once and start doing those things now. We are living through a lifestyle-revolution that gives you more and more freedom your parents couldn't even have dreamt of.

Take care and thanks for reading. as always I'd love to hear your view on this topic and how you make time.