It's Never The Right Time!

Got any plans for the weekend? Maybe a nice BBQ with friends or a weekend trip to another city? You finally want to pick up your running shoes, summer is almost over (at least it feels like it in Germany) and you want to give it another shot this weekend?

Well, however it might be, the one thing that came to mind this week was that sometimes I won't do something unless the time is right. Go for a walk, yes but it is cold, maybe it will be warmer later on? I should do the laundry, but I wanted to go shopping, maybe do laundry later? I really gotta push this project forward, but there are 20 new emails I have to tend to...

The context doesn't matter, in almost all cases the odds are against us and the timing could not be worse. 

Don't get distracted is one of my mantras when I try to make something work. Focus and simplicity are those key elements that will help you overcome any hurdle, this is also why I chose the photo above for this post. If you want to go running and it rains, just put on a sporty jacket or something to keep you warm and then go running, no excuses.

The peculiar thing is that we are lazy as human beings, but once we are in motion, it is hard to make us stop. When you lie in bed on a lazy Sunday the whole day, going out of the house is nearly impossible. But just imagine you would wake up at 7 in the morning on Sunday go for a run, come back, take a shower, eat breakfast, clean your apartment, do the dishes, read the news, call your mum and look at the clock...right, it's 9:30, what now? 

I lived through both scenarios and let me tell you, scenario 2 makes me feel a lot better at the end of the day. 

The only problem ois that those "attacks of laziness" are constant and ruthless and you have to fend them of every day anew. Be it on Monday morning, Wednesday evening or Sunday. 

Keeping your goal in mind and acting on it is the only way to safe yourself from stagnation. 

So instead of a typical Monday, I'd like to share this video with your for the weekend to come. Enjoy and have a great weekend:

Thanks for reading!