The Isle Of Tech-Giants

Imagine this: You wake up, you know that you are not at home but you feel close to it. You take your first step out of the house, breathe in the air and take a look around. Everything seems familiar but also new at the same time. There are buildings you've seen before, roads you've taken before but something is different. Is it yourself or the city that changed? 

In my case, it was both. This week I was visitng Dublin and the European Headquarters of LinkedIn, invited by the lovely and inspiring DACH-Team - thanks again guys and gals for the great time! 

Coming home

I have a past with Dublin. I've taken a semester abroad during my B.A. in 2012 in the heart of Dublin at DBS for a few months. I wanted to experience this city first hand. I love the English language, I love music, I loved meat (at that time) and I was curious how different a life can be within the EU. I was not dissapointed. Even in 2012 I was amazed at how young the city felt, with all those international people, students from all over the world and the brilliant landscape and a whole lot of tech companies all gathered in this tax heaven of Europe.

Now, four years later I visited this city again, albeit short but in the end all those memories came back to me and I was suprised at how far the city had come and how much change is going on right now.

There is so much to discover in the streets and the people are great. The spirit of the city is fresher and more vivid than I remember it to be. 

Looking back now, the city changed as much as I did over the last four years.

The Isle of Tech-Giants

Have you been to Dublin lately? Do you know what companies are there? It is simply amazing how many tech companies are having an office there or even their European HQ. Probably every company you can name, be it Microsoft, LinkedIn, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Google. All of them are there. It's the Silicon Valley of Europe. 

The map below is a bit outdated but I like the art style and to give you an impression, you can find it at:  :


But it's not only that, sure those companies come to Dublin but they also attract and bring people from all around the world to come work for them there. Especially within Europe. So, I strongly advise, if you don't want to move to SF for your next big tech-gig, take a look at Dublin, you will probably find your luck there. 

Looking at the recruiting market and the fast-paced growth sprint of the companies there, it is overwhelming. Considering the newest developments in UK regarding Brexit, Dublin might become the new go-to city of the future, although the UK was a strong ally... I won't go into detail here, but if you are interested, I found a short and insightful article about exactly this topic: 


When you look around, a similar strong position may be found in Berlin. Germany is still one of the most attractive markets for business and talents across the globe. Berlin has a decent and ever growing start-up scene, so we have to keep that in mind. 

But we shouldn't stay with the status quo, considering the next few years, Dublin has the potential and talent basis to really flourish and change the course of Europe. 

One of my wishes for Germany is to finally increase in speed and embrace new concepts a lot faster. It is not my goal to just move to SF and be happy while having every technology available to me on day one. I want to see that happening in front of my own doorstep. And we will get there. Just as other concepts such as McDonald's or Starbucks, not to mention Coca Cola have shown us in the past. It is possible, we got the technology, we just have to shift to a more agile society. But while writing this, I fear it will take a few more years. We need to think about it though, if we want to stay competitive, we have to act like it. 

What are you waiting for?

You should take a weekend-trip to Dublin and see the city and its people for yourself. I know that I sound like a travel agent, but after all that is happening lately, seeing a city taking the right step towards its future is just this, beautiful. 

Dublin, I salute you and hope to see you again. 

Thanks for reading!