Nintendo Is Popularising The Next Tech-Trend With Its Switch: Modular Design

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The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next entry into the consumer market, is a kick-ass tablet with an innovative controller. While Sony and Microsoft are trying to trump each other in the hardware department, Nintendo keeps ignoring the gaming juggernauts. The new console will not have any high-end graphics power; it might not even reach the PS4, but it will bring an entirely new storm of ideas to the gaming market, just as the Wii did when it came around.

Why is the Nintendo Switch so different?

As written above, it is a tablet, a tablet with a docking station that serves as the central hub for the connection towards television. You can also take the tablet out and play on the thing itself and leave the television off. However, that is not all. The controller can also be taken apart from its holder and can be used as a classic controller, a separate controller reminiscent of the Wii-mote or as two handles that are attached to the tablet itself and mimic a WiiU pad.

Also, it means that you can take the console with you on the road. That is a first for a major stationary console manufacturer. I mean, the world has been waiting for a console-quality on the go for decades. Handhelds like the PS Vita or the Nvidia Shield or even the iPhone are serious entries for the mobile gaming world, but there is still a lot to ask for in this market.

Nintendo is on the verge to fill that gap. Moreover, as always, they might be pioneering a technology that will become rapidly adopted by others.

If you are interested, have a look at the Nintendo Live presentation from a few days ago here.

Making tech more modular

Nintendo is not alone in its development towards a more modular technology. There are similar trends at Microsoft with their Surface Book. It is possible to switch out performance base for the Surface Book. So, when you decide that your i5 is not enough anymore you could just clip on an i7 base, and you would have a new level of power available.

Also, we can look towards the LG G5 and Lenovo Moto Z smartphones. These smartphones can change part of their housing for addition features like a better camera, a second battery, a small projector (Moto Z) and much more. This would make it easier for people to improve their basic phone as they see fit.

If this technology and design philosophy will stick, we could be seeing a lot more of the existing companies embracing new ideas for their next products.

Just think about the possibilities if you could seamlessly connect your iPhone and Mac and improve their performance with one another or you could just connect a small projector on your iPhone etc.

Gameplay without the need for a television

Another impressive new feature by the Nintendo Switch is used by a game called "1,2, Switch". This game uses the abilities of the controllers. For example, one game is a classic western shooting game where you must look at your opponent and draw the controller quickly like a gun. The screen is not part of the game, it only brings the sound signal. This is actually a pretty need idea, especially when you think about the marketing strategy to make the switch a party game for people, even the ones who are not tech-savvy or want triple A games at their disposal.

I'm super excited for this new way of playing video games. We'll have to wait for Playstation and Microsoft to show their future vision of console gaming in 2017.

Are you interested in buying the new console? What do you think about the rise of modular design? Let me know in the comments below.

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