What Will You Buy In 2017 - Apple Vs. Microsoft?

I still cherish the moment when I was able to buy my first Macbook Pro, and I was able to leave all those memories of my existence relying on Windows machines behind me. Of course, Windows was and still is my primary work environment in the office, but at home, I am much more happy with my Mac. Up to this day, I still think that it matters what kind of work you do and which platform works better for you.

I do a lot more creative work at home around photography and videos, so the Mac works just fine for that. If I had to do all the tasks, I do on a daily basis in the office and use for example the Microsoft products on my Mac I would just quit (a bit of exaggeration here).

The point is that still after all these years of rivalry between those two companies there is still an entirely different approach on what works best on those two platforms. Moreover, that is ok. I am totally fine with using an iOS and a Windows machine at the same time or on different tasks. However, it is far from being practical.

Looking back at 2015 and 2016 Microsoft won much ground against Apple. Introducing the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio, Microsoft became sexy as a hardware company. I am currently using a Surface Book for writing this post, and it feels great, it looks great, and I still got 10+ hours of battery left. It is super light weight, and the performance base gives this machine real performance power.

I still love my Macbook Pro and still use it for the heavier creative editing since it still got more horsepower under the hood. However, it lost its out of this world appeal. The Surface Book comes too close to it, and I want to see Apple come back from this.

The design of the new Macbook, the touch bar, "dongle-gate" and so on was not something that brought the magic back in 2016. Don't get me wrong, on everything mobile, Apple still got the upper hand, but we have to pay close attention towards Google with their new Pixel phone which is a very, very nice Android machine.

As a consumer, I am thrilled for 2017

There is a new competition in 2017 of who will have the best and most attractive technology devices. I would love to see something entirely new from Apple, but the new products from Microsoft and the new entries by Google promise a pretty nice year.

So I am curious, what will you want to buy in 2017? Will you upgrade your current gear, will you change your platform entirely?

I am still not sure if I want to upgrade my current Macbook Pro or if I will buy a Windows machine after all these years again. I certainly love the new design approach by Microsoft, but my Mac still runs so fast through its Linux-based operating system.

Well, we will see. At this point, it is still wide open who will win this year and who will dominate the smart home market, possibly the biggest challenge in this year for all technology companies. CES seemed also very promising this year...

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!