The Next Big Health Trend

Looking at the current health industry, it is likely that mental health is the next step in its evolution. We already crossed the border that Yoga is becoming mainstream. A healthy lifestyle was never easier to maintain, and the knowledge was never more available. Daily routines between 30 - 90 minutes can make a tremendous change in your overall well-being. So what else is there to do?

Well, body and mind are getting older over time, and we just have to invest equal amounts in our mental health. Technology made our life much more stressful with 24/7 availability, instant gratification via apps or simply the fragility of business. We have to adapt, and we have to change quickly and consistently to stay ahead of the curve.

Attention spans are shortening; we have to filter a lot more information throughout the day and communication comes in verbal, written or visual form. Sport helps us to decrease stress and release endorphins. However, there is more that you can do. Meditation is an excellent tool that can not only help you to deal with stress, but it can help you to become calmer, improve your sleep quality and overall become more distant from impulses.

I have implemented a daily meditation routine of just 10 minutes to my morning, and it has incredible effects. It can become an addiction just as a sport can be and you can even feel bad if you skip a day or two.

The reason why I have been so adamant about this topic in the last year is that I believe that we are always getting more distracted and lose focus of our surroundings and ourselves over time if we are not careful.

The ubiquity of products and the sheer indefinite possibilities of today's modern lifestyle offer exponentially more than just ten years ago. Though I believe that humankind will adapt, there are great differences among generations.

Concentrating on yourself, sitting in silence for just ten minutes changed a lot of my perception of myself and my environment. It also helped me in becoming more self-observant and reflective. Which also made it a lot easier of changing behavior and adapt more quickly.

So what can I say, meditation is a skill like anything else that is easy to pick up but hard to master. Especially if you are the type that usually cannot sit still for more than a minute it might be a good way for you to embrace a very different view on things. I've been struggling with that myself, as a hobby musician I always move or more sounds with my feet or hands, so just to sit still was hard to learn. You might also get sleepy in the course of practicing it, but it usually has a great effect of boosting your awareness and make you more awake in the process.

Why don't you give it a try? Apps like Headspace or Calm will give you an excellent start. And if you don't like it after 10 sessions, just let it go. But if you are eager to try something new in 2017, why not give your mind a chance?

Thanks for reading!