Will I Be Replaced By A Robot In 2030?

We live in 2017, and a lot of things changed in the last two decades.

I cannot help but feel anxious about the future of mu profession. Sure, today we think that everything that has to do with creativity has to be done by human hand. But wait, robots already paint better than we do (or at least on a similar level), they can compose music, and yes, they usually don't sleep.

I believe that we as marketers do a lot that can be automated in the future. When AI hits the next growth spurt, chat bots will be just like humans at least for 80% of the conversations held. They might even use emojis one day...

But seriously, I imagine there will be a marketing machine that understands the algorithms of the internet far better than we ever could. Choosing a headline, a viral pick and writing text with references to all great authors of the last century, why would you need someone to write copy for you by hand? We are living through a revolution of commodities. Just ten years ago it was precious to have experts in certain departments, now most of our work is commodities. Graphics, websites, networks, video, photo production, etc. pp. There is an app for that. Amazing! No really, I love it, but that makes me wonder, when will I be commodities?

It's not all about creative work. Financials, HR or even Management decisions can be run through automatic algorithms and probably perform better than 99% of the time. The only solution I see for myself at the moment is to embrace technology, learn its merits and work with it as much as I can. This is also the reason why I still play video games. It helps with pattern recognition, reaction time, multitasking and using different controls, be it touch or gyro-based.

I'm excited for 2030, To say the least. We will experience a new interpretation of what it means to be human and what to focus on.

One last point that I haven't talked about in a bit is education. The education, at least in Germany, needs to be adapted for the future. We still learn like cavemen, and everything that I learned to do is possible through a smartphone in 2017. The new focus should be to learn how to learn, for a lifetime. Book smarts will lose their value in the next decade because a child in kindergarten with a smartphone will have the upper hand when it comes to accessibility to knowledge in 2030, or even today.

How do you feel about the upcoming boom of AI bots and automation in your field of work?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!