Apps Aggressively Pushing Us To Become Reality Stars With Every New Update

Just a few years ago, we would laugh at our potential competitors and ignore them, what do they know, right? In the digital age, this mindset is deadly, and companies learned to deal with it. It is plain and straightforward, the solution to it is: "copycatting."

The most recent case of this is the race for the attention of youngsters between 12 - 25 who just love to broadcast every meal and walk to the dentist instantly to their peers and create a personal reality show. The app of the minute is Snapchat. Even though Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat a few years back for a few billion dollars, the app remained autarch and grew quickly. Since Facebook cannot own Snapchat, they will simply try to render them replaceable.

This is an interesting fight to watch to see how loyal the younger generations are but also to watch this as a consumer of apps. The number of recent updates to apps and new features is staggering, even as a daily user of Facebook and its Messenger I am amazed how fast they just change everything to make it look and feel like Snapchat, how you can comment comments with emojis now and just how insane this barrage and features is.

It is also impressive to see how fast those attention giants can change their product to fit the competition since everything is software and can be changed in mere days. Now Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp offer "Stories" that disappear after 24 hours, which was a core feature for Snapchat to make it more exciting to share moments and demanded real attention from its users.

Even apps like Twitter and Youtube offer you instantly live stream with one push of a virtual button. Simply go live and film away. Albeit that this is a huge opportunity for marketers to make event marketing sexy and relevant again, it is still a lot most others users have to deal with. It is empowerment in such a fast pace, that we won't even know what the future of this will leave us with.

This is just a short comment on the recent development I've experienced on my phone and in general in the industry of marketing. But when even reality shows and live streaming become commodities, what is next and who will win the attention game?

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