Twitter abandoning the 140 character limit - the end of an era?

Twitter recently blogged about the fact that they might stock up the character limits of Tweets up to 280 characters, double the current restriction. While it is the first major overhaul of the service in years, it might be a step in the right direction. 

Despite its original cult status, Twitter has lost a lot of gravitas during the emergence of Instagram and Co. and since then struggled to increase its user base significantly. I've grown fond of the service in the last 24 months because it became more and more of an underdog and but I feel the community being a lot tighter and responsive than compared to Facebook - at least I the sense of topics around Hashtags. 

The main reason, according to the blog post is that especially that the character restrictions hinder English users to express themselves. Other languages like Japanese rarely make use of it, since it requires only half of the number of characters in general as outlined in the post. 

I believe that the 140 characters challenge you to be creative in your tweets. Albeit 280 characters is still very short, it opens the floodgates for more content, and I guess most will increase their use of Hashtags and it will become more as a tool for reach like on Instagram instead improving quality of content. 

To this day, Twitter is an excellent platform to connect with people around specific topics. It even works like a charm if you want to contact otherwise unreachable people like celebrities; you should try it though. In my experience, you'll get at least one reaction out of 20 tweets across different people. And that's a lot compared to zero.

What's your take on this?

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